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      Korg Nautilus Bargain

      Korg Nautilus 61 Bundle With Gig Bag And Pedal

      £1659.00 RRP £2119

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      Nautilus 61 Bundle with Padded Bag and Pedal

      This Nautilus 61 bundle is the perfect offering for anyone gigging or moving their Nautilus around. The included padded gator bag is robust, lightweight and has great protection for transportation. The included pedal can be used for sustain as well as other assignable features within the product. The pedal even has a polarity switch so it can be used on virtually all instruments.

      Korg Nautilus Promotion

      Korg have announced a special limited time promotion on the Nautilus workstation. When you purchase a new Korg Nautilus workstation from us you will be entitled to receive free Ultimate Synth Selection software and a free virtual on-line lesson with the master himself, Luke Edwards, of Korg UK. The promotion runs from 10th Sept - 31 Dec 2021. Please call for further details.

      Nautilus Music Workstation

      Push the limits of your musical creativity with the incredible Korg Nautilus 61 note workstation. Nautilus contains no fewer than 9 sound engines taken from the flagship Korg KRONOS workstation but enhances them further with new sounds and features and still maintains the powerful recording and creativity associated with KRONOS instruments. New sounds including incredible acoustic pianos with room mic. control to totally new mysterious samples including 'prepared pianos' and samples of items used to create instruments that you would never expect! There is no other product offering this kind of sound selection, creativity, sequencing capabilities and all built in to 1 unit.

      Main Features

      • Nine Sound Engines
      • Brand new sounds and samples including 'prepared pianos' and 'found percussion'
      • New Dynamics knob for expression manipulation
      • Real-time controller knobs which push in to the surface to prevent accidental change
      • Set list mode for live performance and instant recall of sounds/ settings
      • Smooth Sound Transition allows for glitch-free sound changes during performance
      • Arpeggio and drum track functionality
      • 16 Track MIDI and 16 track audio sequencer
      • USB/MIDI ports allow input of control surfaces
      • 61 Key Natural touch keyboard
      • New assignable front panel buttons

      Korg Nautilus Vs Korg KRONOS 2

      Despite sharing the same sound engines the Korg Nautilus and Korg KRONOS models have a range of differences. The main differences include:

      Feature Nautilus KRONOS2
      Sound Engines9 With added new samples and soundUsual 9 sound engines
      ArpeggiatorTwin polyphonicKARMA
      Screen7 Inch 800 x 480 resolution8 Inch 800 x 600 Resolution
      InterfaceNew design with enhanced operationStandard KRONOS interface system
      Controls6 Realtime control knobs, XY Joystick, 2x assignable switches8 control knobs, vector joystick, ribbon controller, control switches, XY joystick

      9 Sound Engines

      Nautilus offers the same unprecedented sound engine capabilities as found in the flagship KRONOS model but comes in a lighter weight case with less real-time controls and no Karma system. The sound engines include:

      • SGX-2 Piano Sound Generator
      • EP-1 Electric Piano Generator
      • CX-3 Organ Generator
      • MOD-7 VPM/FM Synthesis Engine
      • PolysixEX - Polysix Synth Engine
      • MS-20EX Analogue Modelling
      • STR-1 - Physical Modelling Engine

      Each sound engine has become known for its quality and versatility as they established themselves in the KRONOS name. With the Nautilus being a newer product Korg have had time to expand the capabilities and new sounds are now offered over 3 categories...

      Unique Sounds

      Nautilus contains brand new distinctive sounds including phrase loops, prepared pianos, found percussion and more. Many seldom heard-of musical instruments found in different regions around the world can be difficult to play, but distinctive phrases played on these instruments are featured on the NAUTILUS. Use these phrases as-is in your songs-let your imagination be your guide. The NAUTILUS features sounds that were sampled for the first time just for this instrument, including prepared piano sounds created by placing different objects between piano strings and recording samples, or "found percussion" sounds made by turning ordinary items into instruments to be struck. Not only do these novel and mysterious sounds provide an unexpected flavor to your songs, they offer broad possibilities for sound effects used in film and TV music as well.

      Current Sounds

      Designed to blend in with today's modern musical styles, the Korg Nautilus current sounds offer everything needed for EDM, electro, Grime and more. These sounds include new drums, synths bass pads etc.

      Real-time Dynamics Control

      Korg have equipped the Nautilus with a new Dynamics knob. Dynamics allows instant adjustment of the dynamic response of the instrument allowing the player more expressive capabilities. Turn the knob to the left and it softens the sound allowing a greater range of dynamics but twist it to the right to achieve a harder more flat dynamic perfect for cutting through on stage or modern styles.

      Six Real-time Controllers

      Whether performing live, in the studio or getting simply creative with programs and combinations, the six real-time controller knobs on the front panel allow instant control of all sorts of parameters from resonant filters, to arpeggio control, levels and more. The new design allows you to push the knob in to the product itself so it is out of the way from accidental changes and safer for transportation as well.

      Large Colour Touch Screen Interface - Enhanced Operative Features

      Korg have enhanced the operability of the Nautilus by adding some great new features and new assignable buttons. The large colour touch screen for example offers a great touch-drag ability for changing values easily. The MODE button lets you see what you've selected in each mode on a single screen, from PROG and COMBI to the set list, sampling, sequence and global modes. Each mode has tabs for each function, and the PAGE buttons offer more detailed editing with consistent operations. With the user-friendly navigation of the NAUTILUS, you can press the MODE button at any time to return to the start if you get lost. A dark mode is available for the display, using black as the primary color to reduce eye fatigue.

      There are 6 assignable buttons on the front panel which can be used in multiple ways. They could be used for example to choose the modes such as program, combi etc in the usual way Korg products operate. However you can also assign these buttons as shortcuts for other features depending on your requirements. there are 4 sets available which you can customize to your requirements.

      16 Effects Processors

      With it's huge effects processing power, the Nautilus offers 12 insert effects, 2x master effects and 2x total effects to complete its arsenal. The insert effects can be assigned either individually or as chain linked effects in combination mode. The 2x master effects and 2x total effects can be applied as overall effects to all channels as needed. To top it off a seperate 3 band EQ is provided for each and every sequencer track.

      16 Track Audio and MIDI Sequencer

      The built in 60Gb SSD drive offers the perfect storage for the 16 track audio and MIDI sequencer system. The recording is so powerful and versatile that the Nautilus can be the complete creative workstation for your masterpieces. Record guitars, microphones, add effects, play MIDI sequences and more with full editing capabilities. Master your recordings down to stereo audio files all within the product itself.

      Nautilus Specifications


      • 61 key: Natural Touch Semi Weighted, C - C (Velocity sensitive is supported, after touch is not supported).
      • Synthesis Types

        • SGX-2 Premium Piano (Acoustic Piano)
        • EP-1 MDS Electric Piano (Electric Piano)
        • HD-1 High Definition Synthesizer (PCM)
        • AL-1 Analog Synthesizer (Analog Modeling)
        • CX-3 Tonewheel Organ (Tonewheel Organ Modeling)
        • STR-1 Plucked String (Physical Modeling)
        • MOD-7 Waveshaping VPM Synthesizer (VPM Synthesis)
        • MS-20EX Component Modeling Technology (Analog Modeling)
        • PolysixEX Component Modeling Technology (CMT Analog Modeling)

        Maximum Polyphony*1*2

        • SGX-2: 100 voices*3
        • EP-1: 104 voices
        • HD-1: 140 voices
        • AL-1: 80 voices
        • CX-3: 200 voices
        • STR-1: 40 voices
        • MOD-7: 52 voices
        • MS-20EX: 40 voices
        • PolysixEX: 180 voices
        • *1: In rare cases, when a large number of processor-intensive effects are active simultaneously (for instance, more than 14 O-Verbs), polyphony may be slightly reduced. *2: A portion of the multicore processor in KRONOS is devoted to generating voices, and a separate portion is devoted to generating effects. KRONOS dynamically allocates the voice processing power between the engines as necessary. The quoted maximum numbers of voices apply when 100% of the voice processing power is devoted to a single engine. *3: 100 dual-stereo notes (equivalent to 400 mono voices)

        Built-in Expansion PCM Libraries

        • EXs301: German2 D Piano
        • EXs302: Italian F Piano
        • EXs303: Japanese Upright U Piano
        • EXs304: Prepared Piano
        • EXs305: Historical Keyboards
        • EXs306: Vintage Keyboards 2
        • EXs307: Strings & Synths
        • EXs308: Guitar Collection
        • EXs309: Bass Collection
        • EXs310: World Essence
        • EXs311: Background Loops
        • EXs312: SFX & Hits
        • EXs313: Found Percussions
        • EXs314: Expansion Drums

        PCM RAM Capacity

        • Approx. 2GB *4
        • *4: The memory available for Sampling Mode will change based on the use of Expansion PCM libraries and User Sample Banks. Approx. 760 MB is available when shipped from the factory (When loading the file named "PRELOAD.KSC").

        Wave Sequences

        • 598 User memory, 377 Preload
        • Support for stereo multisamples, synchronization of individual notes, and tempo-based settings

        Sampling System

        • Open Sampling System (resampling, In-Track sampling)
        • Bit Depth/Sampling Frequency:
          RAM: 16-bit/48 kHz stereo/mono sampling
          DISK: 16 or 24-bit/48 kHz
        • Sampling Time:
          RAM: Depends on the amount of available PCM RAM
          DISK: Maximum 80 minutes stereo (879MB: 16bit)
        • Sample Locations:
          16,000 samples/4,000 multisamples (128 indexes per multisample)
        • Formats:
          KORG format, AKAI S1000/S3000 data (with advanced Program parameter conversion); SoundFont 2.0, AIFF, and WAVE formats
        • Editing:
          Time Stretch, Time Slice, Crossfade Loop, and other standard editing features

        Effects System

        • Insert Effects: 12
        • Master Effects: 2
        • Total Effects: 2
        • Timbre EQ: 3 Band EQ
        • Effects Types: 197
        • Modulation: Dynamic Modulation and Common LFO
        • Effects Control Busses: Stereo side-chaining for compressors, gates, vocoders, etc.
        • Effect Presets: Total 783 preset, Maximum 32 per 1 effect (Preset User)


      • Arpeggiator Modules: One module in Program mode, two modules in Combination and Sequencer modes
      • Arpeggio Pattern: 5 presets + ARP A 2,048 slots (1,593 come Preload) + ARP B 128 slots
      • Controllers: On/Off, Latch, Gate, Velocity, Length, Swing, Tempo

      Drum Track

      • Drum Track Patterns:
        1,272 preset (common with the preset patterns of the MIDI sequencer)
        1,000 user patterns
        Patterns created in Sequencer mode can be converted to drum track user patterns.
        Trigger Mode/ Sync / Zone / Swing, Drum SD, Tempo settings can be specified.


      • Tracks: 16-track MIDI sequencer + 16-track hard disk recorder + 1 master track.
      • Number of Songs: 200 songs
      • Resolution: 1/480
      • Tempo: 40.00 - 300.00 (1/100 BPM resolution)
      • Maximum Memory: 400,000 MIDI events or 300,000 audio events
      • MIDI Tracks: 16 tracks plus the master track, 697 preset / 100 user patterns (per song), 18 preset/16 user template songs
      • Format: KORG (NAUTILUS, KRONOS, OASYS) format, SMF formats 0 and 1.
      • Audio Tracks: 16-track playback, 4-track simultaneous recording, WAV file format 16bit/24bit.
      • Maximum Single-file Recording Time (mono): 80 minutes
      • Automation: Volume, Pan, EQ, and Send1/2; 10,000 regions (max.), Event Anchors, BPM Adjust
      • RPPR (Realtime Pattern Play and Record): 1 Pattern set per song
      • Auto Song Setup function


      • Disk Mode: Load, save, utility, data filer function (save/load MIDI System Exclusive data), CD-R/RW (UDF format read/write), ISO9660 Level 1.
      • Controllers: Joystick, Switches 1 & 2
      • Arpeggiator Control: On/Off, Latch, Gate, Velocity, Length, Swing, Tempo
      • DRUM TRACK: On/Off, Swing, Drum SD, Tempo

      Principal Specifications

      • Frequency Response:
        20Hz-22kHz, +/-1.0dB, 10k Ω load
        20Hz-22kHz, 0.01%, 10k Ω load (typical)
        95dB (typical)
        Dynamic Range:
        95dB (typical)
        95dB, at 1kHz (typical)

      • Outputs

      • L/MONO, R, Individual 1-4:
        1/4" TRS Balanced
        Output Impedance: 350 Ω Stereo; 175 Ω Mono (L/MONO Only)
        Nominal Level: +4.0 dBu
        Maximum Level: +16.0 dBu (when load impedance is 600 Ω or greater)
        MAIN VOLUME slider controls only AUDIO OUTPUT (MAIN) L/MONO and R
      • Headphones:
        1/4" stereo phone jack
        Output impedance: 33 Ω
        Maximum Level: 60+60 mW (when load impedance is 33 Ω)
        MAIN VOLUME knob (link with AUDIO OUTPUT (MAIN))
      • USB-B:
        24-bit, Sample Rate: 48 kHz, 2 channels
        (Digital output of the same signals as AUDIO OUTPUT (MAIN) L/MONO and R)
      • Inputs

      • Audio Inputs 1 and 2:
        1/4" TRS Balanced
        Input Impedance: 10 kΩ
        Nominal Level: LINE +4 dBu
        Maximum Level: LINE +16 dBu
        Nominal Level: MIC -22 dBu
        Maximum Level: MIC -10 dBu
        Source Impedance: 600 Ω
      • USB-B: 24-bit, Sample Rate: 48 kHz, 2 channels
      • Control Inputs: Damper pedal (half damper supported), assignable switch, assignable pedal
      • MIDI: In, Out, Thru
      • USB:
        USB A (TYPE A) : For connection to external USB devices (QWERTY keyboards, MIDI controllers, ethernet adaptors, and storage)
        USB B (TYPE B) : MIDI/audio interface, MIDI: 1 (16 channel) input / 1 (16 channel) output, Audio: 2 channel input / 2 channel output
        *2 USB high-speed ports (supports 480Mbps)


      • Disk Drives: 60 GB SSD (2.5")
      • Dimensions: (W x D x H): 062 x 386 x 116 mm / 41.81" x 15.20" x 4.57"
      • Weight: 61 key: 13.0 kg / 28.66 lbs.

      Korg Nautilus Tutorial - Samples/ Multisamples

      korg Nautilus First look

      Introducing the Korg Nautilus

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      Our Music Shop is on the outskirts of Preston with forecourt parking for 8 cars. Our closest town is Blackpool and nearby is Lytham St Annes. Blackburn and Southport are close by. Lancaster, Morecambe, Wigan, Burnley, Ormskirk, Bolton, Leigh, Accrington are also near me. Manchester Liverpool and Cumbria are around an hour away.

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