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        Yamaha Montage 6 Synthesizer - White
        This instrument is discontinued

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        Yamaha Montage 6 White

        Now available in a limited edition white finish, the Montage 6 synthesizer with V3 software has taken a step even further that thought possible with incredible new features, effects, sounds and even recording features on-board. The updates and changes have made the Montage now more than just one of the most versatile synths on the market, it has now become a tool to create and record your ideas and transform your music into reality.

        Montage V3.5

        Montage 6 White ships with the new V3.5 software which enhances and adds many new features and capabilities to the already huge collection of features in the product. New performances, new sound morph feature, new pattern recording features and more.

        Sound Enhancements

        New features in the sound department include new effects and new performances. Features include:

        • Extended LFO provides high speed modulation in to a range up to 1.4 kHz, going beyond normal rates and offering amazing harmonic content.
        • VCM Mini Filter and MINI Booster - known for their characteristic fat sound with a steep 24db rolloff and high resonance without low-frequency loss
        • Wave Folder - Add harmonics by folding rather than clipping any threshold-exceeding amplitude - really brings sounds to life rather than flattening them off
        • New Performances - There are now 2707 performances in the standard content with the V3 update

        Control Enhancements

        Pattern Sequencer - The introduction of a pattern sequencer has totally changed the Montage as a production tool. Previously a simple one take recorder, which allowed MIDI or Audio recording, was the only option available. V3 h now adds a fully fledged pattern sequencer. This looping style of recording allows you to put down ideas in chunks from 1 - 256 bar loops, and then you can chain them together or change between your pattern creations in real-time using the scene buttons. Chained patterns can be saved as songs then for import into any DAW of your choice for editing.

        Further enhancements include new Scene features such as Superknob Scene Link: Set which Parts the Super Knob affects per SCENE making Super Knob even more versatile.

        Workflow Enhancements

        Some new features have really made things much easier for MIDI connections and performance. These include:

        • USB MIDI to HOST: You can now plug USB class-compliant MIDI controllers direct in to the USB of the Montage so no need for additional MIDI cables
        • Hybrid MIDI I/O: The new model allows you to separate the parts you want to play and control locally from the parts you want to control remotely
        • Rhythm Pattern: Based on the MODX feature the new mode allows drum pattern to be added to the performance quickly and easily by simply holding shift and pressing Control Assign button and choosing any one of the drum choices on screen
        • Live Set Registration - lets you link Pattern, Song and Audio files to a LIVE SET Slot

        Montage Standard Features

        Of course all the original powerful capabilities of the Montage before V3 are still there - making this the most versatile and powerful synth ever form Yamaha. Take a look at some of the fantastic features:

        Super Knob

        This single dial is capable of controlling up to 128 parameters in a single turn! This makes it possible to adjust sounds and features of multiple parts and all in differing ways by turning 1 dial. For example you could apply additional reverb to selected part, whilst reducing the volume and adding filters to another and on and on up to 128 different parameters. Your imagination will be the limitation.

        2 Sound Engines

        Montage incorporates 2 of the most powerful and renowned sound engines in the industry - AWM2 and FM-X. Whilst AWM2 makes use of cleverly designed and recorded samples for reproducing almost any instrument imaginable, FM-X brings back the original FM synthesis of the 80's with new expanded features and capabilities. Re-create the classic DX sound and well known vintage sounds of the era but boosted and available with all the new features of the Montage effects and processing.


        A versatile arpeggiator system allows up to 8 different arpeggiator patterns to be used simultaneously! This allows complex performance capabilities for live or in the studio. There are over 10,500 patterns to choose from including piano pattern to bass licks, drum pattern and synth lead arps and more. You can even make your own to get the exact pattern for your song performance.

        Live Set

        Perform live and instantly recall your required performances on a screen setup with only what you need for that gig. You can easily choose the performance from the grid-like screen and many sounds will change with the SSS (Seamless Sound Switching) capabilities so there is no glitch or sound cutoff when you change performance.


        Complete with Cubase AI, the USB Audio/ MIDI features of the Montage come in to their own with multi-channel audio and MIDI streaming down a single USB cable. In-fact 32 mono audio channels (16 stereo audio) channels can be streamed to the computer with 6 channels returned. This makes the Montage one of the most powerful studio creation/ integration tools on the market.

        Physical Controllers And Switches

        Montage 6 has a plethora of controls and switches for live adjustment or detailed adjustment during editing and sound creation. There is a collection of 8 sliders and 8 knobs which all have step-ladder style LED indicators. Each slider or knob can have multiple controls making it the ideal live performance instrument or just amazing for messing and coming up with creative sound ideas.

        Motion Sequencer

        A powerful tool for controlling the sounds automatically. It allows completely custom control sequences that can be assigned to virtually any synthesizer parameter and provide incredible creative new ways of programming sound.


        • Dimensions: 1037mm x 131mm x 396mm (W x H x D)
        • Weight: 15kg
        Keyboard Interface
        • Keys: 61 note FSX keyboard
        • Features: Touch Sensitivity and Aftertouch
        • Finish: White
        Tone Generation
        • Preset Performances: 2707
        • Tone Generator: Motion Control Synthesis Engine - AWM2: 8 elements, FM-X: 8 Operator, 88 Algorithms
        • Polyphony: AWM2: 128 Notes, FM-X: 128 notes
        • Multi-Timbral Parts: 16 Parts (internal), Audio Input Parts (A/D, USB): 1 Stereo part
        • Wave: Preset 5.67Gb, User: 1.75Gb
        • Performance: Approx 1,900
        • Filter: 18 types
        • Effects System: Reverb x 12 types, Variation x 88 types, Insertion (A/B) x 83 types, Master Effects x 26 types
        Pattern Sequencer
        • Tracks: 16 Sequence tracks, Tempo track, Scene track
        • Recording Types: Real time replace, Real time overdub, Real time punch in/out
        • Note Capacity: 1 Song/Pattern: Approx. 130,000 notes, Store area: Approx. 520,000 notes (Pattern); approx. 520,000 notes (Song)
        • Arpeggio: Parts: 8 Parts simultaneous (max.), Preset: 10,239 types User: 256 types
        • Sequence Formats: MONTAGE original format, SMF formats 0, 1
        • Patterns: 128
        • Note Capacity: Approx 130,000 notes
        • Note Resolution: 480 TPQN
        • Tempo: 5-300 bpm
        • Performance Recorder: Songs - 64 Songs
        • Performance Recorder: Tracks - 16 Tracks, Tempo Track, Scene Track
        • Performance Recorder: Recording Type - Realtime Replace, Realtime Overdub, Realtime Punch In/Out
        • Sequence Format: Montage Original, SMF formats 0, 1
        • Arpeggio Parts: 8 Simultaneous (max)
        • Arpeggio Preset: Approx. 10,000 types
        • Arpeggios User Slots: 256 Types
        • Motion Sequencer Lane: 8+ 1 lane
        • Live Sets: Preset - 128, User - 2048
        • Controllers: Master Volume, AD Input Gain Knob, Pitch Bend Wheel, Modulation Wheel, Ribbon Controller, Control Sliders x 8, Knobs x 8, Super Knob, Data Dial
        • Display: 7" TFT Touch Screen
        • Connectors: USB to Device, USB to Host, MIDI In / Out / Thru, Foot Controller 1/2, FootSwitch: Assignable/ sustain, Output: Balanced L Mono/ R on 6.3mm TRS jacks, Assignable Output: Balanced L Mono/ R 6.3mm TRS Jacks, H/Phones: 6.3mm stereo TRS jack, A/D Input: 6.3mm standard phone jacks

        Montage Pattern Sequencer Overview

        Montage OS V3.0 Overview Video

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