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      Korg Pa700 Keyboard

      £963.00 RRP £1149

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      Brand New Korg Pa700 Keyboard Sept 2017

      KORG debuts the newest High Performance Arranger in the acclaimed Pa-Series of Professional Arrangers, the Korg Pa700 Keyboard. The Pa700 has plenty of new sounds (featuring Defined Nuance Control for enhanced realism) which keep performances fresh and exciting, as well as an enormous expanded range of styles covering music genres from all over the world. Combine this with powerful performance functionality, an intuitive user interface, and rich, sculpted sound, and you have an Arranger for the most discerning and demanding player.

      Korg Pa700 Keyboard - More Memory

      The Pa700 sound engine uses four times the PCM memory of the best-selling Pa600 and extends the amount of User PCM memory to 256 MB using compression. The number of user Style locations has also expanded to a maximum of 1,152 which will cover almost every style imaginable. The improved built-in speaker system produces a strong, fullbodied sound and the video output is standardized, so your audience can sing along to the onscreen lyrics.

      Korg Pa700 Keyboard - Awesome new feature

      Totally new is the addition of KAOSS FX, which give you creative control on your performance. From subtle morphing between Variations and Drum Kit types, fine mixing between accompaniment Sounds, live reshaping of ongoing rhythms, to the most radical note-crunching effects used by countless DJs, tape delay and arpeggios, you can add ‘liquid mixing' to any Style or MIDI Song with the aid of easy-to-use computer-assisted composition features. Push the boundaries of your musicality!

      With more power than ever before and numerous long-awaited new features, the Pa700 sets a new standard for arranger workstations. A massive leap forward from the legendary and best-selling Pa600, KORG has raised the bar of excellence by offering newer, even more realistic sounds and powerful new features, delivered in a slim and professional looking design, at an even more affordable price.

      Korg Pa700 Keyboard - World Class

      The New Pa700 KORG is responsible for the most successful and respected arranger keyboards in the world. Used by countless professional musicians in every country around the world, KORG arrangers have thrilled audiences and delighted players everywhere with the magic combination of unbeatable sound quality and features. KORG Technology blends this great KORG history with powerful new capabilities and ideas from musicians around the world to deliver a new standard in arrangers. The result is a musical powerhouse that packages technological magic into a cool and userfriendly design: the KORG Pa700.

      Korg Pa700 Keyboard - New design features

      Slim, powerful and easy to use The Pa700 is a concept that combines a slim profile with a professional visual motif. But while its size might appear compact, its sound is huge, thanks to the power of the onboard high-quality custom designed amplification system. The 2x25 Watt amplifiers drive the 2 loudspeakers in a bass-reflex enclosure to generate a rich, full-bodied listening experience. The main panel has been optimized to ensure that all controls are ergonomically positioned and intuitively located to make every performance feel smooth and natural. Big, bright, and bold, the new capacitive TouchView display hosts a redesigned graphical interface that is easier than ever to read, even under the most demanding lighting environments. Searching for that song, Style, or file that you were just using? The multi-function Search feature can find what you are looking for-quickly! Styles, Keyboard Sets and SongBook can be read directly from a USB drive-without the need to load data in the internal memory.

      Korg Pa700 Keyboard - Sound Quality

      Sound quality at its best The Pa700 relies on KORG's advanced EDS-X (Enhanced Definition Synthesis-eXpanded) sound engine, and comes complete with over 1,700 ready-to-play sounds. This realistic collection offers a vast gathering of classic and contemporary keyboards, band and orchestral instruments, plus electronic and acoustic instruments-from techno to folk. Included are two new multi-layer stereo grand piano (with damper and body resonance), plus electric pianos from the acclaimed KORG SV-1 Stage Piano. The digital drawbar organ includes key on/off noises, leakage, and Rotary Speaker emulation. In addition, the Pa700 has been equipped with new wind instruments, strings, basses- even acoustic and electric guitars. Sounds have been painstakingly captured using state-of-the-art methods that allow the finest of details to be accurately reproduced.

      Korg Pa700 Keyboard - Controls

      Three assignable switches and the four-way joystick allow KORG's unique DNC (Defined Nuance Control) to reproduce the subtle nuances and articulations of acoustic instruments creating ultra-realistic performances rich in expression-all in real time and on demand. Bring any solo or melody to life with the growl of a passionately-played saxophone; the changing embouchure of a trumpet; the breath elements found in a clarinet or harmonica; and the added characteristics that give extra authenticity to the pizzicato and arco sounds of a string section.

      Korg Pa700 Keyboard - Drums

      106 authentic drumkits-including Ambient Drums-breathe life into any rhythmic passage; the Drum Family Easy Editing feature offers total control over volume, pitch, EQ, and more. Up to 256 MB (compressed PCM User memory) are available, so custom sounds can be added easily. The General MIDI (GM) sound bank has been improved for better compatibility with GM files. The Pa700 can also load/import KORG, WAV, AIFF, SoundFont™ formats and export in WAV or AIFF. Sounds can be fully edited, and can now use up to 24 oscillators for each note!

      Korg Pa700 Keyboard - Styles

      Do it with Style The Pa700 delivers over 370 Styles, straight out of the box. Each one is a fully-realized musical environment dedicated to creating a particular musical style. With so many to choose from, the Pa700 can provide instant access to a vast and robust range of musical genres. Each Style features 4 Fill Ins + Break patterns, one for each variation. Using the new Auto Fill function they can be automatically recalled as you move between the four variations. Our international sound team has created many new Styles; and many of our revered and well-known Styles have been improved with new sounds and new mixing. The Pa700 has 1,152 locations for you to save your new Styles and settings. Several new sophisticated parameters which ensure professional and realistic guitar tracks have been added with Guitar Mode 2, making the guitar tracks of every Style rich and authentic. In addition, each Style can be enhanced by using the four Pads. Each Pad can add a one-time or repeating riff, a percussion part, an accent sound, or even a sound effect. The convenient Chord Sequencer function can quickly record and loop your chord progressions on the fly in Style Play mode; this can be useful not only for practice, but for freeing up your left hand while performing live. These Chord Sequences can now be also saved as Style and SongBook entries for easy recall.

      Korg Pa700 Keyboard - Midi to Style creator

      The latest Styles - today! Thanks to an all new built in Standard MIDI File to Style converter you can quickly and easily have on board styles of the latest songs! Just obtain a new Standard MIDI File, load it into the Pa700 and the inbuilt converter will easily and quickly turn it into a full KORG style while also creating a Chord Sequence from the Song's chords.
      Preliminary Information - Specifications and features subject to change

      Korg Pa700 Keyboard - Effects

      Studio-Quality Effects KORG is known for studio-quality effects, and the Pa700 includes the best of the KORG library. 2 Insert and 2 Master effects can be used for the accompaniment tracks, while 1 Insert and 2 Master effects can be used for the real-time keyboard tracks. 148 effect types are available, including reverbs, delays, vintage stomp box simulations, amp and cabinet simulators and more. In addition, each track features an EQ with Low, Mid and High controls, and a custom track EQ can be memorized in the Song Play mode-allowing your song to sound its best in any environment. The final effects allow for easily adapting the sound to your musical taste or correcting a problematic live scenario.

      Sing naturally Connect a dynamic microphone, and adjust parameters such as the EQ, Compressor, Gate, Reverb and Delay to make the vocals sound smooth and studio-produced. The Vocal Remover will even let you remove the voice from MP3 Songs, so you can sing along with them.

      Refine your guitar's pure sound Guitar FXs let you add pedal and studio effects to a guitar connected to the dedicated Guitar input on the back of the instrument. We selected some of the best guitar effects from the KORG collection, to add the sound of all-tube amplifiers, realistic distortion, chorus or delay pedals, and the highest quality studio reverbs.

      Korg Pa700 Keyboard - Playback

      Player/Sequencer The Player supports the MP3+G (also known as MP3+Graphics) format for MP3 files in addition to the most popular lyrics formats. This new feature allows backing sequences to play with enriched lyrics and graphics which can be displayed simultaneously on the on-board TFT display and on an external monitor. There is also a Marker Function, allowing direct jumps to a given position in the song. The Vocal Remover allows vocals to be removed from MP3 files using a center-channel cancellation tool. The 16 track sequencer allows sophisticated levels of sequencing, but also provides quick and easy song creation using the Backing Sequence function. And because the Pa700 is very clever, it can record your entire performance! You can run a song, play the keyboard, sing along and everything will be recorded in MP3 format and stored on an external USB device or in the internal memory. A sophisticated Score Viewer is also available to display the lead track (or any other track) of a song as clear and plain traditional musical notations with notes or chords, together with lyrics and chord abbreviations. Chord names can also be seen both in English and Italian. For those learning music, we also added a function to show note names next to each note.

      Korg Pa700 Keyboard - Songbook

      The SongBook Particularly useful for live use, the SongBook is a fully programmable and easily searchable Music Database. Each entry contains all the settings required to play a particular song. The SongBook can use styles, MIDI files or MP3s and immediately recall settings such as song title, genre, artist, tempo, volumes, sounds, muted tracks, FX settings, easy edit, 4 Keyboard Sets, TC Helicon® presets, master transpose and more. The SongBook includes also an updated Set List function, with a convenient panel-button association for fast recall, to make life easier during live gigs. With the SongBook Editor you can easily view, create, and edit your KORG Pa-Series SongBook entries and Set Lists using a Windows based computer. It can also be synchronized with iOS and Android tablets to become your handy external digital music sheet reader (third-party software required). Everything you need to play your song back perfectly is in the SongBook, a useful musical feature that is unique to KORG's impressive line of Arrangers.

      Korg Pa700 Keyboard - Connectivity

      Improved connectivity MIDI connection can now also be done through the USB HOST ports (in addition to the USB DEVICE and the MIDI ports). This allows for easy connection of controllers like digital pianos (for example, our HAVIAN 30), or the KORG nano and micro series, with no need of special adapters

      Brand New Korg Pa700 Keyboard Sept 2017 Specification

      • Keyboard: 61 keys (C2 - C7) with velocity
      • System: Upgradable operating system, Multitasking, Load while play
      • Sound Generator: EDS-X (Enhanced Definition Synthesis - eXpanded) Filters with resonance, 3-band EQ on each Sound
      • Polyphony: 128 voices, 128 oscillators
      • Effects

      • Accompaniment/Song: 2 insert effects; 2 master effects (148 types)
      • Keyboard Sounds: 1 insert effect; 2 master effects (148 types)
      • Final mastering effects: Limiter, Master EQ
      • Voice Processor: 5 FX, 28 Factory, 64 User Presets
      • Guitar Processor: 3 FX, 45 Factory, 64 User Presets
      • Sounds / Drum Kits

      • Factory: More than 1,700 Factory Sounds including a multilayer Stereo Piano with damper and body resonance, GM/XG sound sets and 106 Drum Kit
      • User: 512 Sounds, 256 Drum Kits
      • Digital Drawbars: 9 footages, percussion, key on/off, leakage, rotary speaker effect
      • DNC (Defined Nuance Control) Technology, Natural Ambience Drums
      • Full Sounds/Drum Kits editing
      • Sampling

      • 128 MB compressed (equivalent to 256 MB linear data);
      • Loads KORG, WAV, AIFF and SoundFont formats
      • Saves KORG, WAV and AIFF formats
      • Full Edit, Time Slice
      • Styles

      • Factory: More than 370 Factory Styles, freely reconfigurable sets
      • User: 1,152 locations, including User and Direct banks
      • Eight Accompaniment tracks, 4 Keyboard Sets, 4 Pads per Style;
      • Style Settings (Sounds and Arranger parameters) on each Style
      • Guitar Mode 2, Parallel and Fixed NTT (Note Transposition Table)
      • Style/Pad Record with Step Record, Track and Event Edit
      • Style Creator Bot (MIDI Song to Style Converter)
      • Style controls: 3 Intros, 4 Variations, 4 Fills, Break, 3 Endings, Synchro Start, Synchro Stop, Tap Tempo/Reset, Bass Inversion, Auto Fill, Manual Bass, Memory, Accompaniment Mute, Drum Mapping, Snare & Kick Designation, Style to Keyboard Set Mode
      • Chord Sequencer

      • Chord Sequence recorder and player in Style Play mode
      • Chord Sequences can be saved to Style and SongBook Entries
      • Edit functions: Delete, Copy from Style/SongBook, Import/Export from/to SMF
      • Keyboard Set Library

      • Memorize Keyboard Sound settings
      • Factory: More than 290 Factory Keyboard Sets, freely reconfigurable
      • User: 864 locations, including User and Direct banks
      • My Setting' special Keyboard Set
      • KAOSS FX

      • Automatic MIDI FX generator
      • More than 65 Factory Presets
      • Song Play

      • Supported formats: MID, KAR, MP3+Lyrics, MP3+G
      • Select, Start/Stop, Home, Rewind and Fast Forward controls
      • Lyrics, Score, and Chord data can be displayed on screen, or on an external video monitor
      • Markers with Add, Delete, Edit and Loop functions
      • Jukebox function
      • MP3 Player / Recorder

      • MP3 Player and Recorder
      • Transpose (+6/-5 semitones), Tempo change (30%)
      • Vocal Remover
      • Records MP3 files, including Styles, MIDI Songs, MP3 Songs, Keyboard Sounds, Pads, Microphone, Guitar, Effects, and KAOSS Effects
      • Sequencer

      • Quick Record (Backing Sequence), Multitrack and Step Record functions
      • Full-featured sequencer, 16 tracks, Up to 200,000 events, SMF (MID) native format
      • SongBook

      • Fully programmable music database, based on Styles, MIDI Songs (MID and KAR files), MP3 Songs, with automatic selection of Style Play and Song Play modes
      • User definable Set Lists, with Entries selectable from the control panel
      • Filtering and sorting options
      • Compatibility

      • Pa-Series models: Styles, Performances, Programs/Sounds, Songs, SongBook Entries, Pads i-Series' models: Styles
      • Pads

      • Four Assignable Pads + Stop buttons
      • Pad Record function
      • General Controls

      • Master Volume, Fade In/Out, Keyboard-Acc/Song Balance, Ensemble, Octave Transpose, Master Transpose, Joystick, 2 Assignable Knobs, 3 Assignable Switches, Tempo +/-, Tempo Lock; Metronome On/Off, Dial, Search, Shift Split, Record
      • Scale Controls: Virtual Quarter Tone SubScale Keypad, 4 x Scale Presets
      • Inputs/Outputs

      • Control Inputs: Damper pedal (supports half-pedaling with the optional DS-1H pedal) Assignable pedal/switch
      • Audio Inputs: Line (Left/Right): 1/4" jacks, +20dBm, 12k Ohm
      • Mic/Guitar (Left): 1/4" jack, with Gain control (0 - +40dB)
      • 12k ohm (Mic) / 500k ohm (Guitar)
      • Audio Outputs: Left/Right, 1/4" jack, +21dBm, 0.003% THD+N@+18dBm
      • Headphone output (1/4" jack), 16-200 Ohms (50 Ohms suggested)
      • Speaker System

      • Amplification: 2 x 25W
      • Speakers: 2 x Dual Cone Speakers in Bass Reflex Box
      • MIDI

      • IN, OUT standard MIDI connectors
      • USB to MIDI using the USB ports
      • HOST: memory and controllers, DEVICE: personal computers
      • Eight user definable MIDI Setups
      • USB

      • Type A (Host), Type B (Device)
      • 2.0 Hgh-Speed connections (480 Mbit/s). Low-Speed (1.5 Mbit/s) and Full-Speed (12 Mbit/s) devices can only be connected through a High-Speed USB hub
      • Storage

      • Internal memory: 960 MB
      • USB external drives (drive not included)
      • MicroSD card (not included); rear panel slot with plastic cover
      • Display

      • 7" Wide capacitive color TouchView TFT display
      • Video Out: RCA connector
      • Clock: Internal System Clock
      • Power Consumption: 100-240 Volts, 50/60 Hz, 25 Watt normal / < 0.3 Watt in standby
      • Dimensions (W x D x H)

      • 1030 x 378.3 x 132 mm/40.55" x 14.89" x 5.2" (without music stand; height with music rest: 355.8 mm / 14")
      • Weight: 9.9 kg/21.82 lbs
      • Included Items

      • AC Power Cable
      • Music Stand
      • Quick Guide manual
      • Optional Accessories

      • EXP-2 Foot Controller
      • XVP-10 Expression/Volume Pedal
      • DS-1H Damper Pedal (supports half-pedal)
      • PS-1, PS-3 Pedal Switch

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      Korg PA700 video.. intro and setup and navigation

      Korg PA700 video..sounds

      Korg PA700 video..styles

      Korg PA700 video.. songbook

      Korg PA700 video.. recording

      Korg PA700 video.. media USB - saving

      Korg PA700 video.. song play

      Korg PA700 video.. Kaoss functions

      Justin , our main Korg PA specialist will be writing his review following his visit to Korg HQ on the 1st September

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