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      Korg Grandstage 73

      £1949.00 RRP £2149

      Out of Stock

      Available to Order Estimated delivery Call 01772 722468
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      Nord Electro 6D 61

      --Available Now--

      The Korg Grandstage 73 will unleash your piano playing with incredible feel and sound quality. 7 Different sound engines cover all the sounds you could ever need whilst the SGX2 piano engine offers piano sounds from 7 of the worlds greatest acoustic pianos. Easy access to essential functions are clearly laid out on the front panel such as favourite banks, layer/split and effects so you can concentrate on your performance. To finish it off, the RH3 Real Hammer piano action offers a superior piano touch whilst the included stand and pedal means your instrument is all ready to go from the box.

      Product Features:

      • Seven sound engines: the SGX-2 with its six acclaimed acoustic pianos, plus the EP-1, CX-3, VOX, Compact, AL-1, and HD-1.
      • A user interface designed for playability on stage.
      • Reverb and delay that are easy to control.
      • Dynamics knob lets you instantly control the sound's crispness and expressivity.
      • Favorite buttons let you instantly recall the sound you want.
      • Smooth sound transition creates a natural-feeling change when you switch sounds.
      • Three-band equalizer lets you shape your sound.
      • Layer/split capability lets you easily combine sounds.
      • Panel lock prevents unintended operation.
      • RH3 keyboard responds to even the subtlest nuances of your playing.
      • Design that combines both elegance and individuality.
      • Music rest, pedal, and keyboard stand are included.
      • Made in Japan - Premium Japanese Quality.

      Seven Sound Engines

      The Grandstage is equipped with seven powerful sound engines designed for quality and with an essential selection of sounds that you may require.

      SGX-2: Six acoustic pianos

      Containing piano sounds from top-level instruments worldwide, the SGX-2 acoustic piano sound engine is what makes the Grandstage worthy of the term "ultimate." The five grand piano sounds have all been lavishly captured using instruments from Berlin, Heidelberg, Austria, Japan, as well as a newly sampled Italian grand piano. These grand pianos are considered world-leading classics, and now they are available in an unparalleled playing experience. In addition, the Grandstage also provides a newly sampled upright piano sound, featuring an intimate character, different from its grand piano sounds, and possessing its own refinement and depth.

      These SGX-2 sound engines contain high-capacity unlooped stereo samples for every key, and use up to 12 levels of velocity switching to perfectly convey the detailed and powerful expressiveness of an acoustic piano, extending to damper resonance that reproduces the spaciousness felt when the pedal is pressed, and even mechanical noise.

      Responding to the requests of numerous professional players, the Grandstage also provides monaural piano sounds for all of these acoustic piano programs. These monaural piano sounds were voiced not from a mono mix of stereo samples but from monaurally recorded sources, and will shine clearly even within a band's mix.

      EP-1: Six vintage electric pianos

      The EP-1 electric piano sound engine contains a total of six vintage electric piano sounds: the classic I, II, V, and DMP tine piano models, and the 200 and 200A reed piano models. MDS (Multi-Dimensional Synthesis) technology delivers a further evolution of the concept of velocity switching, smoothly responding even to subtle changes in your keyboard dynamics. Realistically-reproduced amps, cabinets, speakers, and vintage effects add the finishing touches to these impeccable simulations.

      CX-3, VOX, and Compact: Three organs with classic personality

      Three different organ sound engines are provided. The CX-3 tonewheel organ sound engine is a complete reproduction of KORG's classic combo organ that went on sale in 1980. The newly designed VOX transistor organ sound engine reproduces the sound of the VOX organ that went on sale in 1960's and had a massive impact on popular music in Europe and the US. Also new is the Compact transistor organ sound engine which simulates the compact organs that earned a legendary place in rock during the same years as the VOX organ. By using these sound engines with the rotary speaker effect that's built into each one, Grandstage provides a realistic and rewarding organ playing experience.

      AL-1 and HD-1: A rich variety of sounds

      The Grandstage comes stock with a total of 500 different sound programs, and in addition to the above five types of sound engine, it also gives you the AL-1 analog modeling sound engine that delivers well-defined reeds and thick brass sounds, and the HD-1 PCM sound engine that covers a bountiful variety of sounds. In particular, the HD-1 contains many new samples of distinctive keyboard instruments, including an eight-level multisampled clavi sound, as well as harpsichord, mellotron, pipe organ, and the distinctive metallic sound of an FM piano.

      Instant Control On Stage


      Grandstage 73 brings the player unprecedented expressive power. The Dynamics knob is KORG's new feature that is unique to the Grandstage. It instantly changes the way in which your keyboard playing dynamics (velocity) affects the volume and tone, allowing you to customize the playing feel of the keyboard in real time to suit your performing style or the genre of music.

      Turning the dynamics knob toward the left provides a softer sound with a wider dynamic range in response to your keystrokes. This allows more sensitive expression since the sound responds directly to changes in your playing strength; ideal for piano solos or when playing accompaniment. Conversely, turning the dynamics knob toward the right provides louder sound relative to your playing strength, creating flatter dynamics. This is ideal when you want to play with a consistent touch so that your sound will stand out in the band or ensemble.

      Instantly recall Favorites

      The favorites buttons let you register up to 64 of your favorite sounds. If you've saved your settings for a live performance, the sounds you need can be instantly recalled during a song or between songs. The sounds you save can be registered as a combination of the keyboard section and ensemble section.

      Smooth Sound Transition

      KORG's unique "Smooth Sound Transition" (SST) function creates smooth and natural change when you switch between sounds and effects even while you perform; it's been further refined on the Grandstage.

      Three-band EQ

      The Grandstage is equipped with a three-band equalizer that lets you adjust the character of the overall sound appropriately for the acoustics of your live performance venue. It can be controlled easily just by operating the faders.

      Combine sounds easily: Layer and Split

      Just by turning on the two sections "keyboard" and "ensemble," you can play layers or splits using the two programs selected for each section. Layer/split selection, split point settings, and swapping the lower and upper can all be accomplished easily using the panel switch, with no need to delve into the depths of a menu.

      Prevent inadvertent operation: Panel Lock

      The panel lock prevents sounds or settings from being unintentionally changed. You won't need to worry that your hands might accidentally come in contact with a knob or button while you're absorbed in your performance on stage.

      RH3 keyboard Premium Japanese Quality

      Both 88-key and 73-key models of the Grandstage feature the Real Weighted Hammer Action 3 (RH3) keybed. Made in Japan, we are proud of the Premium Japanese Quality achieved through the careful production skills of a small number of dedicated and experienced craftsmen. Like the keyboard of a grand piano, it's divided into four regions in which the lower register feels heavier and the upper register feels lighter, beautifully conveying the delicate touch and nuances of your fingertips, and letting you experience a realistic playing feel.

      Product Specification:

      • Tone Generator (Methods of Synthesis and Maximum Polyphony *):
        SGX-2 (Acoustic Piano Sound Engine): 60 dual stereo notes (equivalent to 240 voices max.)
        EP-1 (Electric Piano Sound Engine): 100 voices
        AL-1 (Analog Modeling Sound Engine): 36 voices
        CX-3 (Tonewheel Organ Sound Engine): 128 voices
        VOX Organ (Transistor Organ Sound Engine): 100 voices
        Compact Organ (Transistor Organ Sound Engine): 100 voices
        HD-1 (PCM Sound Engine): 64 stereo notes (equivalent to 128 voices max.)
      • Preloaded PCM Storage Capacity: Approx. 19 GB (approx. 32 GB using linear conversion)
      • Number of Sounds: 500
      • Favorite: 64 (Includes 32 preloads)
      • Insert Effect for Sound Programs: 3-band EQ and four insert effects
      • Reverb/Delay Section:REVERB/DELAY button, Type selection knob, DEPTH knob, TIME-TAP button Select 1 from Reverb type (HALL, STAGE, ROOM, SPRING), Delay type (DELAY, CROSS, TAPE, MOD DLY). DEPTH, TIME (Tap) parameter, user-editable
      • Equalizer Section: EQUALIZER button, LOW, MID, HIGH slider (3 band Equalizer)
      • Ensemble: Category selection knob, Display (128 x 64 dots), LEVEL knob, VARIATION knob, EDIT button
      • Dynamics Section: DYNAMICS button, DYNAMICS knob Controls how the volume and sound respond to changes in keyboard touch
      • Realtime Controller: Pitch bend wheel, Modulation wheel, SW1 button, SW2 button
      • Master Volume: MASTER VOLUME knob
      • Audio Output (Left/Right):
        XLR Connector: XLR-3-32 type (balanced)
        Output Impedance: 600 ohm
        Maximum Level: +16 dBu
        Load Impedance: 10 k ohm
        LIFT - GND switch
      • Audio Output (L/Mono, R):
        phone Connector: 6.3 mm TS phone jacks (unbalanced)
        Output Impedance: 1.1 k ohm stereo; 600 ohm mono (L/Mono only)
        Maximum Level: +16 dBu
        Load Impedance: 10 k ohm
      • Headphones:
        Connector: 6.3 mm stereo phone jack
        Output Impedance: 50 ohm
        Maximum level: 150 mW + 150 mW @32 ohm
      • Foot Controllers: DAMPER (half-pedaling supported), SWITCH, PEDAL
      • MIDI: IN, OUT
      • USB: USB A (TYPE A) x1: For connecting USB storage media, USB B (TYPE B) x1: USB-MIDI Interface
      • Power Supply: AC Power Supply terminal, Power button
      • Dimensions (W x D x H):1099 mm x 359 mm x 140 mm / 43.27" x 14.13" x 5.51" (excluding music stand)
      • Weight: 17.0 kg / 37.48 lbs (excluding music stand)
      • Included Items: AC cord, Music stand, Damper pedal (DS-1H), Keyboard stand (Standard-M-SV)

      Korg Grandstage Review by Justin Myerscough

      I have to admit that when it comes to Stage Piano's my normal preference is for a Roland Or Nord product.
      Here are the reasons why I am particularly impressed with the Korg Grandstage.
      • The dimensions of this product are no bigger than it needs to be, unlike some of the others available, this is also something that I like on the Nord.
      • The key action is excellent as per Korg Kronos.
      • The simplicity of use, you would struggle to find a product thats easier to use.
      • The strength and depth of sound categories, each tone section has great quality sounds with great variety, so for example the Grand Piano section has many different high quality grand Piano's, all of which you would actually use as each one has its own unique character, you find this through all of the sound categories, whether it be strings, brass, synth etc there is greater number and variety of sounds that are usable.
      • The illuminated Korg logo on the back with a choice of colours wouldn't be the reason I'd buy the product but it does look great, also the overall look of the product to me looked better in the flesh than it did on the computer screen.
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